Monday, December 11, 2017


Individuation. Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung  described individuation as the process by which the personal and collective unconscious are brought into consciousness to reveal one's whole personality. In short, it is of becoming self-actualized.

Individualization. People with the strength of individualization see each person as one of a kind. They are intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. They tend to have a natural ability to discover uniqueness or hidden talents without the need for an assessment tool.

I am a lover of people. On rare cases where i may have distanced myself from a few of them, it is mostly their behavior or attitude that pissed me off because i remain to be human who is God's work in progress (i continue to hope). My action/decision of so doing is what i call loving from a distance. My awareness that ill feeling is always temporary because feelings are liquid is what always saves me. Thus, i  do not make decisions out of my feelings. I can not change people. I can only forgive them in my heart.  For "many do not know." - Jesus Christ (True Life in God, Vol. 1)

Last night i had a feel good dream. I looked for its meaning right after waking up knowing that almost every dream i dreamed of pertains to me and my aspirations in relation to my individuation. For the past couple of weeks i felt very strongly and was wrestling against myself. I thought about my rather stringent belief system. And entertained the thought of softening it by installing some little modifications, especially because it involves me.  I needed God's grace for this, so my prayers of the moment (until i am changed) goes like this: "God grant me the grace that i maybe tolerant and patient because as a choleric i am inclined to be demanding and controlling." Then follow it up with the Prayer of Serenity. Not losing my focus, i am confident that these will keep me make my day

My previous dreams effected in me as i am at present. They are the reasons also for my being an increasingly God-person. But as well, they are the reasons for the visitations of numerous difficult temptations. But i continue to hold on, ever inspired by Jesus' words: "never weary of striving and suffering."(TLIG, Vol. 1) because i vowed to myself to always think of what is good for my soul, as i am "a human being in this world, NOT of this world."
A dreamer of a Utopian World, it is of my opinion that we are no different from one another.  Being so, this leads me to thinking, therefore, that if each of us will just be willing to begin unlocking the blocks that impede to our own person's understanding there ain't an iota of doubt that my utopian dream can come true. Understanding each one is the key to harmony, but it must be begun with the self, as individuation is a requisite to individualization. 

Leaving you for now, good friends, with these: There is no point in haste. We must live for each moment of our life. To think of the past or worry for the future will only cause depression and anxiety. We must live healthily both in mind and spirit for our body to be in top shape. Maria Edgeworth said: "If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves."

Love you everyone as always.. remember that forever i will be!

Hasta la vista. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Today, March 8, we join in the national observation/celebration of Women's Day throughout the whole Philippines with the theme: "Juana, Desisyon Mo ay Mahalaga sa Kinabukasan ng Bawat Isa. Ikaw na!" in consonance with the international theme: "Equality for Women is Progress for All."

Equality has been my personal battle cry for more than thirty (30) decades already in this playing field of tears, war, and injustice. "Life is (indeed) difficult." (M. Scott Peck), especially when you grow up being raised in an environment of persistent pain caused by battering. Unknowingly you develop an unconscious medical dysfunction called battered person syndrome (Lenore E. Walker), in effect of your so called homing instinct.

"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn." (Marianne Williamson)
The younger generations and the feeling-young generations are the easy target of war-driven organizations, the likes of ISIS and of any what-have-you's in the local scene, taking advantage of their weak state of being due to immature thinking and understanding of what really life holds true for us, humans.

There is so much power in mind conditioning, not only in the animal kingdom, but also in the supposed higher rationality found in the human specie. It is very sad to know that many of us have degraded ourselves into the lower level of understanding. Sayang na sayang ang pagiging tao natin. At patuloy na palubha nang palubha nating sinasayang!

The freedom I earned during that fateful night of October 10, 2003, has and will always be very precious to me. I called that day my Independence Day! I was to know later that October 10 is International Mental Health Day. "There are no accidents nor coincidences in life." (St. Rita of Avila) I sweetly surrendered and vowed to never retreat to what lies ahead, no matter what lies beneath.

"The single most reason for a low self esteem is the absence of unconditional love." Every person, especially women, has a unique story to tell. But tell me, are there enough willing souls to listen? The ratio of loving souls to that of the number of cynics is very, very tilted. Is it any wonder then why the most agonizing women prefer and choose to keep their quiet and suffer in silence instead?

The Filipino culture of paternity adds more insult to injury for us women. It is this culture that nails us more to our cross because its effect is "silent brotherhood" effecting in women more "just tiis" instead of getting justice. It is mostly for this reason then, that us - the awakened women of our society - must form a strong and defiant bond (and band - of purple!) of sisterhood to neutralize somehow the skewed reality between men and women.

Let us help one another to further educate our young and not-so-young (regardless of gender) that we are all the same in one big family of God; that we have been given the same sets of gifts inside regardless our differences outside; that our differences of gender, and others, are but tests/trials for us to hurdle and handle; and that in the end our ultimate mission is actually only Love!

It must be about time that the band of purple is to be taken seriously, since purple is the color of good judgment. It is the color of purple seeking spiritual fulfillment - where there is peace of mind. It is the combination of red (which is focusing, dynamic and active energy) and blue (which is cooling, calming, and expansive energy), both the warmest and coolest colors respectively, and it is this combination that is believed to be the ideal color. Ideal because it (purple or violet) brings a new dynamic to the expansion of blue and the activity of red.

Violet (purple) is the color of purpose. It is associated with the Crown Chakra (or the 7th Energy Center which is found on top of our head) which links the individual and the Universe. Red brings practicality to the undirected expansiveness of the blue, and allows more energy to emerge. It is for this reason that violet or purple is associated with imagination and inspiration. Rise up then, women of purpose, and be acknowledged!

The world is supposed to be a colorful world. It is not dead, therefore, not merely black and white, but more. The legal world is in black and white, and thus, deadly. Our redemption as living dead is our Divinity because there is founded our honest security. But the description of true divinity is hardly understood by the mediocrity of most humans because many have turned their backs to it by succumbing to the materialism of this cruel world. With this, therefore, as our HOME, is there anything more to ask?

Allow me to leave you these words once again as a penny for your thought, my brothers and sisters, as I bid you goodbye and rest my case by going back to my peace bringing with me my ever elusive "utopian dream" (St. Thomas More): "Life is a choice; LOVE IS A DECISION." Sisters, take care of yourself. It's your own home: your thoughts; your body. Love begins in you and with you. Your and the whole of our future depends on you.

I love you, everyone! And I pray for all of us real hard!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


     As with everybody else, i am one with you in grieving for our brothers who died in the unfortunate Mamasapano incident. But more than my grieving for our fallen heroes, i grieve more for the living who are most unfortunately being victimized unconsciously by the vultures who are just waiting all along for situations, such as this one, to take advantage of in order to put in place their greed and hunger for power.

     The culture of People Power which was effected by the EDSA Revolution when we successfully overthrew the infamous Marcos regime has taken the better out of us because instead of learning from the imperative lessons brought by it, we embraced and set it in place. Rather than think thoughtfully and with care what could be the important message out of every painful eventuality, we choose hastily to get carried away by our emotional grievances and thus, buy the opinion of others. We forget that "everything happens for a reason." We are consistently manifesting how little faith we have by doing this.

     I am not anymore frightened by "the movements" from all over popping out of everywhere and nowhere. Just as it won't surprise me anymore if one day we are going to have another personality sitting as the Philippine President (as lame as the other), because we live in this kind of culture already. We have lost most of our sanity already. We gave them to the "intelligent" (kuno) ones because we thought they know more than we do. We have become their willing victims because we resisted, and continued to resist the power within.

     Albert Einstein said: "Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind." So it is, my good friends. Those who believe in themselves alone, in believing absolutely in the science of politics, sociology, economics, psychology, etcetera, forgot their God within because most of them are blinded by their desire to attain power, use this weakness (of leaving one for the other) and use the authorities of the Church to move people, because they certainly know how effective the Church people are, in the attainment of their personal goals/motives.

     You think these people, who visit and convince you for mobilization of your flock, truly care for the souls of your sheep/s? Think again. We have to go through some form of alchemy to find our good inside. "Whose soul was not troubled has not known." We have to ever be watchful because a thief most often visits in the night. Naghihintay lang siya/sila ng tamang panahon. Unless we have made our self whole, by incorporating both our good and bad sides and healing, through forgiveness, what needed to be healed and seal them from there, we will always be blinded by our emotions because our psycho-spiritual self is weak and blind. Until we have strengthened inside can we lead our people effectively to a predestined good, and until then our psychology, as a country, will yet be likened to "a blind leading a blind." where both leader/s and follower/s are actually weak. Only in wholeness can there be strength.  

     Politically speaking, i don't think there'd be anything positive to be gained by resorting to a blame game. So what if it's Pnoy's. Purisima's, Napena's, or whoever Juan de la Cruz's fault was it? What good will it do us as a people of an underdeveloped/impoverished country if we know of the whole story? And most of all, would we rather be known as the breeding ground for terrorism by allowing or cuddling the terrorists because of our desire for perfect exclusivity? Or would we rather allow sacrifice for the good of the many?

     Remember, all is fair in love and in war. The illusion of fairness is only in the mind. There is so much to be understood for as long as we are in this world. We fail to understand because we fail to learn. We would rather choose to resist than surrender. Kaya palagi na lang mabigat at mahirap ang buhay. Kung ganyan tayo nang ganyan, sabihin n'yo, papaano tayong susulong? Hangga't hindi natin nilulubayan ang mga sari-sarili natin na mag-isip nang paurong, asahan ninyo nang wala tayong maganda at maalwang buhay na kakapuntahan.

     Ang paghihirap ng tao ay 'di po nang dahil sa pera lang. 'yan din ang sabi at pinatunayan ng mga namatayan nating kamag-anak ng tinawag nilang "fallen 44". Ang nagpapahirap sa tao ay ang kanyang emosyonal na kalagayan na dulot ng kanyang mali'ng pananaw o pag-iisip. And as one nation, we are bound to suffer the same consequence of such wrong perception simply because we choose and decide to be carried away rather than make a paradigm shift and preach our people that.

     "The sky is not the limit; your mind is." Pero papa'no nga namang 'di ka lilimitahan ng utak mo gayong ginugusto mo namang diktahan ka n'yan? At simple'ng-simple'ng dahil din d'yan kaya ka madali'ng mauto at magpauto! Tuloy, nang dahil sa kamangmangan mo ay 'di mo namamalayang ginagamit ka na ng gusto'ng manggamit sa 'yo, at dahil d'yan ang dami'ng mga pobre'ng kaluluwa ang nakakawawa. Have a God-mind!

      "You cannot be partly in Heaven; and be partly in hell." - Jesus Christ, ACIM. In the teachings of moral issues there can only be two (2) choices: morality and immorality. There is absolutely nothing in between them. Take note of that because it is this in-between usage by the vultures that blinds us. Amorality has been found as the main culprit for our getting stuck. This sociological study was established way before but has not been given due importance, much less priority. So we keep running 'round the bush, repeating the same mistakes, nobody knows until when. Hay, buhay!!!

      Fallen 44? I'd rather call them 44 Heroes because they died for their country. And we cannot afford to let their death go in vain. Death cannot be predicted. It can only be accepted as part of life's mysteries. There will always be sacrificial lambs, we all know that. We learned of that in times before Christ, but until now we have not accepted that as a matter of fact. Freedom begins in acceptance. But where also forgiveness must be injected as a very necessary tool for freedom.

     Tanggapin natin ang posibilidad na wala sigurong aamin sa masakit na nangyari dahil sa maraming kadahilanan. Una'ng-una na d'yan ang kakahinatnan ng ating bayan. Hindi nga ba't maghahalo ang balat sa tinalupan kung magkaganoon 'yan? And then there is pride that always gets in the way with anybody. We have to understand the wisdom of everything, even that of death, for the price of ignorance is very, very expensive. And its reach absolutely expansive.

     As i offer my prayers of peace for all of us, Filipinos and every foreigner who considers himself/herself Filipino, let us please hope and do our part for the betterment of our country by looking at things in their proper perspective. May the Holy Spirit of God continue to guide us.

     Hugs and kisses, everyone!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


     If you were able to read the last of what i wrote, this is a follow up to it. If you haven't, may i suggest you find a way to read it, but only if it arouses your interest. It is neither an imposition nor a pre-requisite anyways. It is merely to provide for an overall picture of understanding.

     So the meeting materialized despite my initial opposition because of my personal emphatic feeling towards the subject. In a democratic environment majority always rules. While personally i was set free of my prison (untold anger), and had to thank God for it, i prayerfully hoped for the subject to finally wake up to her reality and inch by inch decide to come out of her own prison as well in order to be released and find fulfillment. The choice is upon her. Not with anybody else. It's her life, not ours nor yours.

     Although as part of my initial reaction when the meeting was just set, i thought of keeping mum during the proceedings as i saw no valid reason for saying my piece. The truth to the matter is, all the issues that were supposedly raised by the "alleged complainant" were illogical and were completely non-issue office-wise. But i was forced, however, to talk/comment towards the end kay waray man gud intawon niya lung-i an amon labaw nga diri ak payaknon kay ako man gud an iya katuyuanan in the first place. Ug tungod kay nakita man liwat san amon labaw nga diri man gud matutunghan kon diri mapatungyuan an tag-reklamo, magyayakan gud ak basi la mahuman an amon harampang (miting). Mao ini an mga panahon nga akon kunta ginlilikyan (the first time i walked out. This is actually the second time of the test.), samtang pwede ko malikayan, kay diri ko unta karuyag makasakit sa akon igkasitawo, but i must, tungod kay narespeto ak san amon labaw.

     My prelude consisted of a review of the validity of my initial assessment in reaction to the complaints. But that because i also had to consider seriously that human being is both a rational and emotional creation i had to finally change my opinion. This is where i have to emphasize a lesson: that when a person's emotional side is taking over and wrecking havoc in his/her rational side nawawara an balanse siton nga tawo. Iton gud an dapat maintindihan san ngatanan sa aton. Sa pilosopiya san mga Griyego, utruhon ko, nga KNOW THYSELF o KILAL-A AN IMO KALUGARINGON, dapat maaram an kada tagsa sa aton nga ngatanan gud kit, nga normal an panhunahuna san katawo naton, ginhimo san aton Makagarahum nga perpekto an balanse. We were created in perfect balance. That it is when we have lost our balance, friends, that our life becomes difficult. And undoubtedly, to live a difficult life is to be a difficult person. That when it comes to a point where the difficulty seems unbearable, we unconsciously throw our weight around thus, making other people's lives (especially those in our immediate surroundings) difficult as well. However, maski nano pa kahalaba san pisi san pasensya mayda gud an ngatanan tubtuban. Pag ginbalik na sa aton an aton ginpaabat nga kakurian sini nga mga tawo sa aton palibot, nalalangot kit, nabibido, nasisina, o nauuba. Ngatanan na la pe-personalon ta. I have mentioned this in a not so long ago issue of our paper. Ug dugngan ko: We become paranoid and prejudiced over other people, so we put meaning to every action and every word we see or hear. Naghihinimo kit multo (unfounded biases) nga kita la liwat an mahahadlok.

     As for me, yes, i temporarily lost my balance consciously in ventilating my anger in that particular afternoon when i forcibly "opened my heart" kay kinahanglan ko anay asahan an diri kunta angay asahan, para la maipakita ko sa iya an epekto san akon mga ginhilom nga mga kabiduan kay diri ko karuyag magbinata-bata (irrational). Yana padayon an akon pag-ampo sin pagpasaylo. Apisar nga maaram ak nga makukurian gud ak, magpapadayon an akon paglaum. Everything is a process to undergo. Sumala san mga naglabay ko na nga mga kasakit ug diri maupay nga eksperyensya, this, too, will come to pass. Kaupod la an ngatanan san siring pa san akon nabasahan nga: "sometimes we have to muddle the present in order to better the future." Every little or big thing that happens in our life is in line of our duty to God and our brethren.

     See you, friends, when i see you again!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


          Being part of an organization leaves us pretty much with either little or no choice at all. When, in the middle of our lunch break conversation in our office's division, our head of office came in and heard our topic she gamely joined us just like a mother would, especially when relationship of her "children" is what is at stake. As i consider everyone in my office also my family, i make sure spending time with them and obeying orders from my superiors in relation to what is expected of me and what i am there for.
          The topic of that moment was about the indifference of one of our "sisters" or co-workers, which really just started with our objective implementation assessment of her supposed livelihood project and what could have probably went wrong why it became a failure. Life is a mystery, but for some weeks now i had been sincerely asking God to give me the grace to forgive and only show mercy to this particular co-worker as i perfectly understand where she must be coming from. As it has always been to me though, when i want so hard to forgive it always does not come easy. Temptations of hatred out of an untold anger most often prevailed. So i always need to install the kind of anger management that effectively works for me - loving from a distance. It is one of my many manifestations of a tough love. It is when i treat a person as if s/he does not exist.! Every time  i impose that measure however, i say to myself: forgive me, Father!
          I am a sanguine-choleric. Being so, halaba gud uraura an akon pasensya labi na kay gintagan ak grasya sin pagsabot san akon igkasitawo. A sanguine personality is a forever-child who is spontaneous, sweet, and loving. But because my secondary personality is choleric i find difficulty in forgiving a person who constantly tests my patience by his/her crossing my boundaries every so often ug pag-umabot na ak san akon tubtuban ngan diri nareresolba an mga butang nga ginpaabat sa akon, makuri na gud ak maulian because i do not allow myself to be sweetly manipulated. I had been there so long, i sense people's motives right away.
           The subject that i am referring to in this article is a choleric-phlegmatic who has not yet checked her very self. As i have said before, choleric personalities are the most difficult to deal with. Dida ngani ada nagtikang an aton pamuyayaw nga "kolera!" ambot la. But going back, i am seriously offering you my unsolicited advise to follow the Greek philosophy: KNOW THYSELF. It is the ignorance of our very own self that we go wayward, lose the right track and hurt other people including our own self first. Maski nano pa niyo nga pagsinimba ug paglinuhod dida. Pwera la gaba because i have nothing against what you prefer doing kay to each his/her own man an kinabuhi.
          Rather than look at, scrutinize, and blame others for every bad feeling you are having simply because your life is not going where you want it to, kitaa anay an iyo kalugaringon! And please, don't label people. Remember that for every label that you attach unto them, you are disclosing what you actually are. Again, as i said before na naman: we are given away not only by what we do, but also by what we say. Ngatanan nabalik gud sa aton! Sanglit paminsar gud anay pirmi sin maupay basi diri ka makaligis kay kairo mo kon balikan ka.

          And GROW UP! Life is a choice and love is a decision. Kasumo pa siton. Kadamo na uraura san nahibatian ko nga mga dati ug mga padati-dati nga nagyiyinakan siton. Sige la sira yakan, diri man nakikita sa ira kiwa. Pag diri maupay an pamati kay waray mapatungyui san ira karuyag, madalagan kon kanay kay mapaugop. Josko, kapagal!!! They remained little children nga nagkadagko la an ihap san edad pero nagpabilin nga lumatod an panhunahuna. Unless a decision is made to finally grow up and face every problem in the eye, these people will never find love. They will just remain pathetic.
          When, by God's grace, you finally decide to grow up the very first thing you do is LEARN TO LISTEN. Brats are typically people who always just "want to be heard but will never listen". Although they will pretend they are listening they will not hear anything because they are very noisy inside. That is why when they feel like they are so pushed against the wall they also made up, their only option is run away. Hala, sige dalagan, dalagan gud! Kasabot nira nga an ira kontra iba nga tawo. They got so used to the pattern they created since they were little children. Because they thought it worked then, they continued to think it will work until now. Sanglit maski dapat ada na sira san sinisiring nga adult category they are observed to be little boys and little girls.        
          Ug take note, may bonus pa iton. They also like to compete, so they are disrespectful. Kay nano? KSP man sira. At bakit sila kulang sa pansin? Kasi nga po napakatagal na panahon nang di nila pinapansin ang sarili nila! Why is that so? Because they were kept busy, much too busy, in getting the attention of others. Phlegmatic personality are very nice to other people. They go to the extent of pleasing them for what ever personal reason or motive only they know. What they attend to mostly is their outer image. They forget that what is inside is what is most important.

          Back to our lunch break conversation with my office mates and our head of office, to cut the long story short, i had to go by the decision of the group to hold a meeting specific for the purpose because WE ARE A FAMILY after all. Ngan kaupod man ini san akon paghingyap ug paglaum sin kahimyang.
          Ciao, my friends. Hasta la Vista! *:-h wave

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today's topic i would have written for the preceding is­sue, right after the launching of 1 Billion Rising activity in Manila, spearheaded by the known stage actress Monique Wilson. Boy Abunda attended the said event upon personal invitation of Eve Ensler - activity originator and writer of the famous "Vagina Monologues". These known people are but few of those who intensely and extensively work for advocacy to end abuse or any violence against women and to hopefully empower them.

On behalf of all the victim­ized women, i am grateful for these above mentioned personalities for standing up for them and providing strength and courage where both (courage and strength) left them. The different backgrounds each of them have do not matter that much. What binds them together is the common purpose - raise the dignity of women - because even if the Philippines is already fortunate, in as far as the bill of rights for women, among the developing countries, abuses continue to predominate. As I said before, what is seen on official records is but the tip of an iceberg. Most women suf­fer in silence. And they are them whom i cry and pray for the most. I am not talking about their respective children yet.

When i was connected in one of the local NGO's, and assigned specifically in a women's desk/section, i was sent for trainings/seminars and got to learn many things regard­ing the plight of women. But it is one thing to be comforted (na hindi pala ako nag-iisa) and another thing to decide - whether or not to follow the flow. Orphaned at three months old, i spent my lonely childhood in a broken adoptive family, that having been such, i coined a personal principle not to let my children suffer the same pain i suffered. So, i stayed in a marriage that was very, very difficult!

Yesterday while i was on my way home, i met and talked for a while with a young friend who told me about the agony she experienced when she found out about the womanizing of her husband. Because we had very limited time to talk about the details of it and the considering explanations why such and such happen, the least i could do was asked her if her husband is a good provider. When she answered in the affirmative, i told her to thank God for giving you a husband like that. And don't give up praying for his conversion, as nobody can change an evil for an evil. The call for us is "Love revolution".

Very sadly i wrote this while in my mind was run­ning a thought: kon pareho la kunta kan papa (the father who i came to know) an mga babayero nga asawa, medyo magaan gad unta an problema san mga asawa. My father was a very good provider for us. That is how i remember him to be, apart from his ultra temperance. We, his children, left us with the fondest memory of him with his best character despite his relentless womanizing, that ultimately brought him down. Mao man gud iton an kinabuhi, diri mo ngani tuhayon an dapat mo tuhayon sa imo kalugaringon, ma­balik ngatanan sa imo iton. Kaparte iton san sinisiring nga mga universal laws - an mga balaud nga diri ug diri gud nababag-o, sadto ug tubtub san tubtuban san kalibutan. But the children must always forgive, lest they will suffer the same fate or consequence/s and worse, kay an pagdumot ug kasina permanente nga sa karat-an kit gindadara.

Women, if you are in the same situation (of being mar­ried to a womanizer), do likewise. STAY and do something about your own self. His problem is his, not yours. Mayda ka kalugaringon nga krus nga imo ginpapas-an. By making his womanizing your problem, you are adding the weight of your own cross. Concentrate on your own wellness. HOWEVER, if you are experiencing more forms of battering as add on to your husband's womanizing, then do something radical about your situation. The children will experience the anxiety and bitterness of your decision, but all of those will be temporary. All those are effects of their (your children) sentimentality because they have not yet seen the world as it is. When they finally decide to wake up and understand, they will move on with their own lives and learn the lessons they got from both of you, their parents. Eventually they will be grateful you showed them courage and strength.

The celebration of women's month will be this coming March. The 1 Billion Rising had been decided to launch last February 14. Chances are, it must be in time for the celebra­tion of the Hearts' Day, maybe because tungod iton san siring nga linya: ang babae minamahal, hindi sinasaktan. Sanglit, babaye, ayaw na tuguti nga padayon ka na la nga susugaron. Buhat ug salbara an imo kalugaringon! Cel­ebrate your goodness as a woman of God everyday! 

The greatest of my love for all of the women - empow­ered or not yet.


I faced the computer with nothing in mind. i had a deadline since yesterday pa. Until i sat down here nothing seemed to be working. So i went Facebook-ing to check on my friends, especially the faraway ones. 1, 2, 3 hours had elapsed and the computer monitor reflected quite a sum to pay already. i was wasting money that my family needed, i thought. But i had to forego the thought and reminded myself again that LIFE IS MEANT FOR FRIENDSHIPS AND SERVICE. Guilt is a very nagging enemy of the self. i shall shake it off me if i do my passion - write. 

And then i found my subject on the wall of one of my FB friends! My pretty sister's (Maricris) post, THERE ARE TWO (2) TYPES OF PAINS IN THIS WORLD: PAIN THAT HURTS YOU; & PAIN THAT CHANGES YOU. The truth is, i had been wanting, for quite long already, to write about Humility versus Pride. From my son, who studies Theology, i learned that "Humility is the foundation of all virtues." It is also from this that i thought of its opposite that, "Pride (ego) is the foundation of all sins." 

St. Thomas Aquinas' famous line, among his many, goes: Only a virtuous man is a happy man. Without a doubt, everyone of us is in search of perfect happiness. But what is found most of the time are fleeting and temporary. What we are after are those that are more or less permanent and sustaining. Happiness is indeed elusive, many of us sigh. The truth is, it is not! The problem that blocks people from attaining it is only one. It is pride or ego! Because even if it is only one, it nevertheless takes many forms or manifestations. And it carries no end goal.

Gary Zukav, in his book THE SEAT OF THE SOUL, states: Love is the ultimate mission of the soul. As human beings created and moved by our soul that is our end goal - Love. Majority of the people equates emotion to love. There is nothing wrong with that. What makes that translation wrong is when it jeopardizes relationships or friendships, institutions, and society at large. Love is the strongest emotional force (Foundation for Inner Peace: A COURSE IN MIRACLES). But when its motivation is destruction it must be clearly sought and consciously consulted to find out where it must be coming from.Oftentimes wrong translations are effects of wounded-ness, labelled in other books as "disorder of the soul". 

It is this disorder that is causing the disorderliness of the world. Normally it begun in the home. It is where the psychological parlance - THE CHILD IS THE FATHER TO THE MAN - came from. All of us were born the same. As pure as pristine waters, and as precious as diamonds. In our growing up years, however, we were pained by so many different transgressions coming from practically every direction. To cope we turned to someone, or other people, or for something/s to feel comforted and assured. But things kept repeating until they formed vicious cycles, which probably eventually even became cyclones and super typhoons. To cope further, many strategies were coined and employed for self preservation. All throughout these processes, people unknowingly formed their ego and strengthened it further by constantly reinforcing it layer after layer. Mao nga naabot na sa punto nga mayda na ginsisiring nga "dumako na an ulo". And take note, kaupod san pagdako san ulo, nagguguti man an konsensya. This is a very natural consequential phenomenon. 
Unconscious as to what had been brewing inside, gurugutiay la nasisina o nasasakitan na. Ngatanan na la ginpe-personal. Tubtub nga nagsamok na gud uraura an panhunahuna. Until ...only God knows what. Kairo man. Mao iton nga kinahanglan gud kit ngatanan magsakop san ngatanan sa aton mga pag-ampo. Prayers are the best way to helping people. Because in the course of their living their life in ignorance they constantly and consistently played games that they thought suited them well. Many people were affected and victimized by their self-victimization because of their way of coping. 

Until a decision is made for change by acknowledgment of what went wrong, and not blame others for what happened to his/her own personal life's destruction, nothing will be changed. And the attainment of the end goal, which is to find Love, is impossible. Peace and happiness will be nowhere to find as well, because the foundation of all things good is only Love. 

Change can only happen when what needs to be changed is acknowledge. When a mistake is denied, the mistake multiplies. Pains that change, my friends are "blessings-in-disguise", while those that hurt are caused by your wounds inside. Life is a choice, Choose to heal! There is no alternative to that. Freedom comes from healing. 

I lovingly pray for all of us, as we are all brothers and sisters in one big family of God, as i have said! See you sometime again, beloved friends!